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Music Projects

My introduction to music was through with piano lessons when I was about 10 years old. I distinctly remember going to the lessons in my baseball uniform and rushing to the field after with my books in tow. In my teen years myself and two friends decided we were going to play electric guitars. One fateful weekend we went down to the local music store and each rented the biggest and loudest rigs we could manage. With everything turned as far to the right as possible, the electricity crawling up our spines, the count went out "1-2-3-4". Simultaneously each of us struck the strings creating the loudest, meanest and most beautiful sounds that our ears had ever heard. The neighbours and my friends parents begged to differ. None of the commotion and calls for us to stop that ensued mattered to me. I was hooked. I needed to learn to control the beast of my own creation that had emerged. I'm not gifted or even really talented, but I do love the escape that playing music provides me.   


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