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Paul Roberts


As a student in the 2019-2021 UVIC MBA Program I provide over 19 years of business experience. I come armed with a vast array of real world scenario’s and challenges that are not necessarily taught in a class room. I have a practical working knowledge of the life/work balance.

During the past 19 years since University graduation, the maturing years, I’ll call them, I have grown in to a creative thinker, a generator of ideas, a leader of change, an open communicator, and a respectful manager. I have a strong understanding of social equality and a keen sense of responsibility to uphold such values in the workplace.

I am a busy, ambitious father and husband, an ardent student in life and a quick whit. As a highly creative person I incorporate those traits in to all my business doings. Acceptance into the Gustavson School MBA Program will allowed me to continue to spend the time with my young family that I cherish. It also satiated my thirst for education and ambition. A structured program, like the MBA, profoundly augmented the lessons in business that I have already learned.

I have had a few key mentors in my business life up to this point, each with a deep knowledge and broad understanding of their profession. I revere the mentors that I have had in my life. I too hope to make a positive impact on someone's life in the same manor; to be their guide on their own journey. The MBA program developed the deeper and broader understanding of business that I hope to pass on to someone else down the road. 

With my experience in business, family and various adventures undertaken in my life, I believe I will be an asset to the program. I continually long for deeper education, a broader skillset and challenges slightly outside of my comfort zone. Business leaders are not always dressed in suits and ties, albeit I look great in one, I am not that person. I am a dynamic creative thinker that believes the sky is the limit. However, to get there you need the proper tools. 

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